ENGINEERING brand connect

How we enabled an engineering services firm to position itself successfully at a key business event.


CADeploy Inc. is an engineering solutions firm with presence in USA (business hub) and India (delivery center). As such, most business and brand development activities are concentrated in USA.

One of the high-profile global business events in the engineering solutions space is the Annual NASCC (National American Steel Construction Conference) held in USA. Considering the role it could play in positioning CADeploy as a serious player in this space, CADeploy reached out to White Cloud Brands to create a clutter-breaking booth design that could also display CADeploy’s capabilities.

Business Challenge

With over 250 exhibitors at the event, we had our task cut out.

Considering the stature of the event, it was obvious that not just CADeploy but other companies, too, would put their best foot forward. As such, it was crucial to leverage a mix of strategic communication, creativity and perfect on-ground execution to generate the needed buzz at the event, and be remembered by the client’s target audience.

Client Brief

The client wanted the booth branding to
(a) be attention-grabbing and memorable
(b) showcase the core services of the company creatively
(c) act as a conversation-starter with prospects

Approach & Concept

Through a joint ideation process, we came up with the idea of branding the booth with photo-realistic 3D visualizations of precisely the kind of structures that CADeploy helps its clients build – residential buildings, industrial projects, pre-engineering metal buildings, etc.

Additionally, each visualization was supported by a suitable headline that correlated CADeploy’s technical capabilities with its engagement philosophy. For instance, a panel with a tall sky-scraper (which requires a solid, stable base) was supported by the headline, “Dream Sky-High. Rely on us to Lay the Foundation.” A panel with a gas tank (which needs to be 100% risk-free) was supported by the headline, “Leave Nothing to Chance. Count on us.” Each statement spoke as much of CADeploy’s understanding of the technical finesse required, as it did about how CADeploy’s engagement philosophy and commitment are as robust as its technical expertise.

But, perhaps the piece de resistance was our rendition of an iron beam that ran across the sides of the booth, giving a 2D panel a 3D finish – even from close range.


Despite being one of 250 exhibitors, the CADeploy booth attracted several walk-ins. Visitors were impressed with the quality of the 3D renditions and overall appeal of the booth. This positive first impression helped CADeploy leaders engage with prospects in a positive and confident manner – a huge fillip to their efforts to grow the business.