(NITRO)BOOSTING social footprint

How we helped a wacky car museum reach a significantly wider audience and promoted higher engagement on social media.


Sudhacars Museum has a unique positioning – it is the world’s only wacky car museum. With fully-functional cars in random shapes – a Christmas tree, basketball, cake, computer, camera, sharpener and many more – Sudhacars Museum finds itself part of several organized city tours in the city of Hyderabad. Its founder, Mr. Sudhakar, is a highly-respected creator and has been covered in leading global media for over 25 years.

Seeing the potential of the place to attract many more visitors from around the world, White Cloud Brands proposed a series of initiatives to grow awareness, encourage greater engagement, boost footfalls and improve the visitor experience.

Business Challenge

Some of the challenges that the client’s business faced were:

Client Brief

The client wanted our initiatives to

Approach & Concept

In line with the museum’s wacky positioning, we decided to promote the brand on social media in a truly wacky manner – while simultaneously addressing the client’s business challenges in a strategic manner.

The #FamilyWeekends campaign, for instance, positioned Sudhacars Museum as a great place for family members across age groups. The #WackyWorld campaign showcased the creator along with his creations to arouse curiosity and whet the appetite of prospective visitors. The #YourPlaceYourWay campaign (incorporating photos of visitors in posts) was wildly successful in encouraging many more visitors to post their photos on Sudhacars Museum’s official FB page. To position Sudhacars Museum as one of Hyderabad’s unmissable destinations, our campaign, #MustVisitInHyd placed Sudhacars Museum in the context of some of the city’s most well-known landmarks. Leveraging the principle of ‘branding by association’, we could subconsciously enhance the profile of the museum in the minds of prospective visitors.

Moreover, effective and timely response management on the FB page rewarded fans for their engagement, and encouraged several others to do the same.


The numbers tell the story. A comparison of statistics (45 days before and after the start of the engagement on December 16, 2016) shows the positive impact of White Cloud Brands’ work on the client’s social media presence. Be it adding page likes and views, growing reach and impressions or enhancing engagement scores, our contribution was across the board.