You have diverse needs. We have just one – your belief in the power of your brand to transform your organization.

At White Cloud Brands, we work with clients across industries, with diverse needs – established brands and start-ups, B2B and B2C companies, product and service marketers. If you’re keen to know what’s in it for you, allow us to share our understanding of the space you operate in. If any of this resonates with you – and if you believe we can be of help – get in touch with us.

Established Brands

  • Gaining in-depth understanding of your business, industry, competitors, brands and customers
  • Understanding softer aspects such as your values, culture and internal dynamics
  • Engaging strategically with senior leadership at a corporate level, and across functions
  • Engaging closely with your marketing team, staying in touch with evolving business needs, and proactively offering solutions
  • Creating differentiated and impactful work, while staying within prescribed brand guidelines
  • Handling large volumes of work, while offering consistent quality of output
  • Following necessary documentation, procedures and statutory requirements from an audit standpoint

Start-ups & SMEs

  • Bringing the benefits of strategic marketing consulting to your brand, dispensing with the need to hire experienced full-time resources
  • Offering strategic marketing consulting services that help you punch above your weight
  • Helping you capture your ‘story’ in a compelling manner, and translating it into distinct, memorable messaging
  • Integrating all marketing communications (offline, online, BTL, ATL, outbound, inbound) under one umbrella
  • Providing ongoing cutting-edge creative support to create and sustain a distinct identity for your brand
  • Partnering closely with promoters and senior leaders, and offering inputs on future direction for the business

B2B Companies

  • Gaining in-depth understanding of your business, products and services, to be able to extract ‘nuggets’ (strengths/differentiators/achievements) that can be used to position the brand in a powerful manner
  • Helping your brand get noticed in a highly cluttered, commoditized space
  • Communicating your value proposition to stakeholders in a compelling manner
  • Conceptualizing, designing and producing marketing collateral that are consistent in terms of messaging structure, tonality and visual appeal
  • Envisioning and executing high-impact thought leadership concepts and initiatives
  • Keeping diverse stakeholders – investors, trade bodies, associates, society – updated and engaged in the organization’s developments, in a sustained manner
  • Supporting strategic communication initiatives – industry events, leadership talks, investor pitches, award submissions – through multimedia content that packages the organization’s achievements, and positions it in the desired manner

B2C Companies

  • Gaining in-depth understanding – positioning, target audience, value proposition, differentiators – of multiple brands in your brand portfolio, and devising innovative solutions to improve market share in relevant segments
  • Devising communications solutions and initiatives to keep not just customers, but the entire chain – distributors, wholesalers, retailers – well-informed and excited about new launches, offers, etc.
  • Designing high-impact marketing collateral, display units, etc. customized to suit different retail formats (supermarkets, modern trade, specialty stores, mom-and-pop stores, etc.)
  • On-boarding and sustaining brand momentum on e-commerce (own site/partner sites) through a mix of product visualization, imagery and content, along with promotional campaigns, digital advertising, etc.
  • Leveraging social media innovatively to build the brand, grow follower base and boost sales
  • Creating pack concepts and designs customized to succeed in desired environments (offline/online)
  • Enabling key internal stakeholders beyond Marketing and Brand (Strategy, Sales, HR, etc.) to meet their communication needs – internal initiatives, newsletters, strategic presentations, award submissions, etc.